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Fall (Feel) Goods

The Holiday Season is here and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Whether you’re hosting guests for Thanksgiving dinner, stocking up your bar for holiday parties or looking for the perfect gift; these goodies are Feel Goods for Fall. Autumn Necessities

1. Bake a cake or whip up a holiday cocktail with Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup.

2. ‘Tis the season for Hot Toddies! Use Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup to make the classic Fall cocktails.

3. Falcon Enamelware mugs are a winter necessity for cold nights.

4. There is nothing like a delicious jam to eat with your toast and tea. We like Farm Belle Black Berry Jam. YUM!

5. Cozy up with a good read, next to the fire. Read Gather Journal for inspirations for this Holiday season.

6. Fall/Winter = Baking. Falcon Enamelware Bake Set has you covered.


To gatherings with the ones you love this season. Cozy up!


The air is crisp. The smell of wood fires linger in the evenings. The warm scent of cinnamon and apples whirl from a neighbor’s house onto the side walks. Pumpkins line staircases and front porches. The colors of leaves are shifting. Cozy knitted scarves begin to adorn one’s once naked neck. Fall is here. And we feel oh so good to have it here.

linsey ocker photography



cinnamon flickr via pinterest_2




Happy Fall!! Enjoy. – Pigment




Pretty Plantings…

We’re at it again, planting away to our heart’s delight. We got our hands on some amazingly beautiful and colorful vintage pots. There’s nothing we love more than adding great pops of color to the soft and organic texture of succulents and other plants! Our vintage pot collection is one of a kind. The perfect gift for a friend!

piñata planters-40

piñata planters-24

piñata planters-21

piñata planters-32

piñata planters-37

piñata planters-38

piñata planters-33

piñata planters-35

piñata planters-34

You can find these pretty lil’ plantings and much more in store at our Plant Lab, and some hand select Plant Lab goods online.

And be on the look out for some of our more famous vintage collections of Haeger, Bauer and McCoy pots, available only in store.

Happy Planting!

Thursday Night (Coffee) Throwdown

While San Diego has gained quite the reputation for having some of the best (and the most) micro-breweries in the country; coffee has never been a “San Diego” thing. Well, now (thanks to the likes of San Diego Coffee Network and local roasters, Caffe Calabria and Coffee & Tea Collective); San Diego will be contending with some of the biggest coffee cities, like Portland and San Francisco, in bringing not only great coffee to SD, but a community behind the businesses, roasters, bloggers and all around coffee lovers.

So, if you have never heard of a latte art competition, well, they are popular in other big cities like L.A, Portland, San Francisco, but this is a new thing for San Diego. The newly fashioned San Diego Coffee Network decided to stir things up (haha) and get in on the action with the Thursday Night Throwdown – a barista latte making competition where the coffee geniuses are judged based on symmetry, infusion and contrast.

We popped into Coffee & Tea Collective in North Park, where baristas from Mexico to San Francisco were there to show off their latte art making skills. The place was packed! The energy was buzzing (probably too much coffee) and we were ready to see what else there was beyond the Grande Soy Latte Frappuccino, Extra Whip.











The Judges for the night and local coffee luminaries: Chuck Patton, founder of Birdrock Coffee Roasters, John Rippo of The Espresso, one of the country’s only coffee house newspapers, and Mike Lone, a green coffee importer from Mitsui and Co. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.







They made it! Celebrations for the baristas who made it into the next round.




And the winner is…… Patrick from Coffee & Tea Collective who, by the way, had some sweet dance moves.

The San Diego Coffee Network is a brand spanking new organization (and pretty cool one) started by Jared Wardle (designer and videographer), Mike Helms (roaster and jack of all trades), Matt Barahura (certified barista and latte art trainer whom you might have seen at Caffe Calabria) and Jessica Percifield (a seasoned coffee blogger and event maker). SDCN began to provide a platform for the coffee community of San Diego to come together, hold some fun events and just have a place to chat. They are always looking for coffee enthusiasts to join them, so feel free to connect with them on Facebook here, and be on the look out for more upcoming coffee events in San Diego (including more competitions which are always open to the public to compete and attend).

Drink up San Diego, your coffee’s about to get a whole lot cooler.


photos by Chantal Pasag