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Getting Crafty for the Holidays

We were so excited to host a book-binding workshop put on by local creatives Urban Craft Camp, which is headed by some pretty talented ladies: Ana of We Love Citrus and Jenn of My Three Sons. They’ve joined forces to put together creative workshops  and events to inspire the maker in all of us.  And with the Holidays in the air, it is the perfect time to get crafty for holiday-gift-giving.

Here is a list of basic materials you’ll need to get started on book binding:

  • healing mat
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • a straight-edge or ruler
  • bone folder
  • book binding needle and thread
  • paper

Book Binding-3

Book Binding-5

There are a number of ways to get crafty with book binding. Pinterest has some pretty helpful tutorials to get you started.

Book Binding-31

Book Binding-43

Book Binding-42

If you’re looking for some pretty paper to use as a cover, we love the colors and prints of Rifle Paper’s wrapping & decorative paper.

Rifle Paper Wrap

Book Binding-60

Book Binding-59

Book Binding-58

 Go get your craft on and start creating for the holidays and the new year!
And if you’re ever in San Diego, keep an eye out for more upcoming crafty workshops with Urban Craft Camp.

Book Binding















A Show by Shelby Collins

One of Pigment’s newer additions to the team, Miss Shelby Collins, had her opening reception for her Senior Exhibition Monday night at Point Loma Nazarene University. She’s been working really hard on this all year, so we were sure to be there and show our love and support.

Shelby Collins-9

Shelby Collins

Shelby Collins Shelby Collins-2   Shelby Collins-5“The whole is comprised of two parts: the interior and the exterior, the center and the circumference. They are distinct and separate, yet their condition of being depends on the radius between them.”

Shelby Collins-7 Shelby Collins-8  Privy to her show’s statement, Shelby created these pieces to represent the relationship between Center and Circumference.

Shelby Collins-10

Pigment Family Love.

Shelby Collins-11

Framed pieces that express shadows, lines, shapes and figures – stunning!!

Shelby Collins-12Shelby CollinsShelby joined the Pigment family last summer after meeting Pigment owner, Amy Paul, in a  color theory class at Point Loma Nazarene taught by Amy. Inspired by Amy and Pigment’s carefully curated concepts, Shelby jumped at the opportunity to work with us and we’re so happy to have her.

We couldn’t be more proud of her on this day. Congratulations Shelby! If you get a chance, swing by the store and say HI! — She’s really, super nice. 

Women’s History Month featuring Sandy Chilewich…

If you are a fan of design, then the name “Chilewich” should ring a bell. The colorful and modern design of tabletop accessories and floor coverings has staked a place in home design & decor since 1997. Sandy Chilewich is the founder and director of Chilewich, and we are happy to feature her in part of celebrating Women’s History Month.


Prior to launching Chilewich in 1997, Sandy had been running the hosiery company Hue, that she started in her 20s. After helping to run that company for 16 years, Sandy decided to veer away from the fashion industry and expand her creative efforts towards her fascination with materials and textiles. Eventually that evolved into Chilewich.

Chliewich-Mats(Chilewich table mats – shop for them here)

“The durability of this extruded yarn, the intrinsic sheen of the material, its tremendous design versatility, and the fact that it is washable inspired me then and continues to inspire me today,” says Chilewich.Chilewich_Bask_Floor_Alt__31897.1340560066.1280.1280

In 2004, her husband, and architect Joe Sultan, joined the company full time as CEO. The two have changed the firm’s corporate name to Chilewich l Sultan LLC to reflect their emergent business partnership.

Chilewich-Modern-PlacematsSandy is a true inspiration to the female entrepreneur and artists over all.

Chilewich-mini basketweavechilewich_brush_dot_placemat_main__11527.1360352520.1280.1280chilewich_mini_basketweave_floormat_style_1__65814.1360701579.1280.1280 chilewich_mini_basketweave_floormat_style_2__44122.1360701582.1280.1280Check out more Chilewich goodness and shop new Spring colors here!

Women’s History Month, Featuring Artist Vera Neumann

 Oh yeah…Women’s History Month!
While there are an array of women who inspire us and are just plain rad, we shine a light today on the late Vera Neumann. (source: whimsyandjuno.blogspot.com/)

(Source: www.missmodish.com)

Vera Neumann, (July 24, 1907 – June 15, 1993) ) was a revolutionary American artist and one of the most successful female entrepreneurs of her time. Vera is best known for her boldly colored linen patterns and scarves signed “Vera”, later adding a lady bug to her signature – a true “Vera” mark.

Vera Signature(Source: thegipsyintheparlour.com)

Not only is her art bright, happy and inspirational, so is Vera’s philosophy – “fine art should be accessible to everyone, not just a select few.”

(Source: www.theneotraditionalist.com)

Rea Lubarb, her friend and longtime press agent, said of her, “Vera couldn’t decide whether to be a wife, a mother, an artist, a business entrepreneur, or a wold traveler. So she was all of them.” (Source: Vera, The Art and life of an Icon by Susan Seid)

(source: anamontielblog.blogspot.com)

She herself never ran out of ideas. “The Creative part of the business is like a fountain; it keeps going, going, going. I never repeat myself,” she said late in her career. (Source: Vera, The Art and life of an Icon by Susan Seid)

Pigment Online_Artist_Vera_Scarves+Linens(source – two middle images: www.whimsyandjuno.com)

Be on the look out for the book Vera, by Susan Seid – a lovely account of her work and life. Coming to Pigment soon!

vera book vera bookWe love Vera for her strong entrepreneurial spirit, her independent role during a time that women weren’t encouraged to be so, and  for her lovely art that she leaves us with to admire and resurface time and time again.