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Pretty Plantings…

We’re at it again, planting away to our heart’s delight. We got our hands on some amazingly beautiful and colorful vintage pots. There’s nothing we love more than adding great pops of color to the soft and organic texture of succulents and other plants! Our vintage pot collection is one of a kind. The perfect gift for a friend!

piñata planters-40

piñata planters-24

piñata planters-21

piñata planters-32

piñata planters-37

piñata planters-38

piñata planters-33

piñata planters-35

piñata planters-34

You can find these pretty lil’ plantings and much more in store at our Plant Lab, and some hand select Plant Lab goods online.

And be on the look out for some of our more famous vintage collections of Haeger, Bauer and McCoy pots, available only in store.

Happy Planting!

Pigment Pretty Plantings

Ever since we got a new batch of amazing-looking cacti and succulents for our Plant Lab we’ve been going “planting-crazy!” I mean….


One of our favorite little guys, the Thimble Cactus, gathered with a blooming Echeveria. 


More Echeverias in bloom planted in scalloped vintage pots. 


The little purple cactus is aptly named the Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus. 


A southwestern themed planting with the Bones cactus in a vintage terracotta pot. 


String of Pearls are perfect for draping over a hanging pot. The Black Prince Echeveria sits atop its throne in the middle of this organic planting. 



This fuzzy little cacti is sweetly named Angel Wings, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still prick ya! 

All these lovelies are available in-store only. Get them while they’re hot!, because they’re going fast.

For those of you who are’t in San Diego, we also carry some varieties online here (with more to come): http://www.shoppigment.com/succulents/

Plant away!! – Pigment