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Products We Love: Clementine Art

Kids and art projects go together like peanut butter and jelly. Give a kid some crayons and a blank piece of paper and they’ll most likely start drawing something. But you never really know what’s in art supplies, and that can be a little scary given that kids get quite messy during art time. That’s why we love Clementine Art products. The line of art supplies ranges from paint to glue to crayons and every single product is non-toxic, natural, packaged in 100 percent post consumer recycled material and made in the U.S.A.

Lyla, Pigment owners’ Chad Anglin and Amy Paul’s daughter, uses Clementine natural crayons and markers regularly to create her own masterpieces.

A giant sheet of butcher paper on the floor of Amy’s studio is ideal for art time. 

Drawing makes Lyla thirsty apparently. 

The masterpiece is underway. 

The natural crayons have a unique, rocket ship-like shape that’s perfect for little fingers to grip. Our advice is to get a huge sheet of butcher paper, put it on the floor and let your little ones go wild.

Lyla moves on from crayons to markers. 

That was fun!  

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Simply Kasia

Kasia Zygnerska is our favorite Polish jewelry designer (granted, we only know one). Regardless, we love her designs and her lively attitude. Kasia creates beautiful and sophisticated jewelry for the every-day lady that loves unique things. She launched her brand Simply Kasia in 2009 in Hawaii, and things have only looked up since then. Her designs can now be found at boutiques throughout San Diego.

Kasia shows off her latest design: leather cord bracelets with various charms. 

Q: Hi Kasia! How did you get into making jewelry?

A: Total coincidence.  In my younger age I was more of a tomboy, jewelry was just an unnecessary object if you asked me. That changed shortly after. In 2003, I was very fortunate to be randomly introduced to jewelry making by another great artist. At first, I wasn’t into it at all, but much to my surprise, I started to find it more enjoyable and extremely therapeutic. Other than that, I have always had an interest in fashion. It came rather naturally to put right textures and colors together. That can be easily transferred into any form of art, and jewelry is one of them. I am very fortunate.

Q: What type of jewelry would you say you make?

A: Technically speaking: bridge jewelry (“bridge” is the gap between costume, fashion and fine jewelry). Practically: Handcrafted, simple yet sophisticated, fashion forward yet classic, powerful without being over-designed, infused with happiness and positivity. These would be the ultimate expressions of Simply Kasia. Each item is hand made by myself with the creative knowledge of color, attention to detail and proportion. From selecting the stones to putting final touches on the pieces, I make sure that each and every piece is very personal.

Kasia has great style. We love her paisley print shorts and panama hat! 

Kasia models various charm necklaces from her line. 

Q: What inspires your designs?

A: There is not one particular thing. It usually comes down to travels, sunsets, buildings, textures, and the sea. Overall, nature is a huge factor in my designs. Also positivity. I refuse to create a piece if I am in a bad mood. I believe, and was told, that my jewelry is infused with love and happiness. It’s very personal. I am recently very keen on “perfect asymmetry.” The slight luck of balance stimulates the mind, making it very eye appealing. If I had to choose one gem to work with, I would go with Sri Lankan Sapphire. Its vivid and light blue colors are my dream stones!








We Got Love for Edison

We are really excited to feature San Diego Artist David McKinney, the creator and leather-smith genius behind Edison MFG Co.

Check out this rad video by EQ Culture highlighting the raw talent of David McKinney:


You can check him out this weekend in North Park, at a trunk show hosted by us!

And if you liked what you saw in the vid, and must own one of his pieces, check out our hand picked Edison MFG Co. collection on our online shop.