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Thursday Night (Coffee) Throwdown

While San Diego has gained quite the reputation for having some of the best (and the most) micro-breweries in the country; coffee has never been a “San Diego” thing. Well, now (thanks to the likes of San Diego Coffee Network and local roasters, Caffe Calabria and Coffee & Tea Collective); San Diego will be contending with some of the biggest coffee cities, like Portland and San Francisco, in bringing not only great coffee to SD, but a community behind the businesses, roasters, bloggers and all around coffee lovers.

So, if you have never heard of a latte art competition, well, they are popular in other big cities like L.A, Portland, San Francisco, but this is a new thing for San Diego. The newly fashioned San Diego Coffee Network decided to stir things up (haha) and get in on the action with the Thursday Night Throwdown – a barista latte making competition where the coffee geniuses are judged based on symmetry, infusion and contrast.

We popped into Coffee & Tea Collective in North Park, where baristas from Mexico to San Francisco were there to show off their latte art making skills. The place was packed! The energy was buzzing (probably too much coffee) and we were ready to see what else there was beyond the Grande Soy Latte Frappuccino, Extra Whip.











The Judges for the night and local coffee luminaries: Chuck Patton, founder of Birdrock Coffee Roasters, John Rippo of The Espresso, one of the country’s only coffee house newspapers, and Mike Lone, a green coffee importer from Mitsui and Co. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s gotta do it.







They made it! Celebrations for the baristas who made it into the next round.




And the winner is…… Patrick from Coffee & Tea Collective who, by the way, had some sweet dance moves.

The San Diego Coffee Network is a brand spanking new organization (and pretty cool one) started by Jared Wardle (designer and videographer), Mike Helms (roaster and jack of all trades), Matt Barahura (certified barista and latte art trainer whom you might have seen at Caffe Calabria) and Jessica Percifield (a seasoned coffee blogger and event maker). SDCN began to provide a platform for the coffee community of San Diego to come together, hold some fun events and just have a place to chat. They are always looking for coffee enthusiasts to join them, so feel free to connect with them on Facebook here, and be on the look out for more upcoming coffee events in San Diego (including more competitions which are always open to the public to compete and attend).

Drink up San Diego, your coffee’s about to get a whole lot cooler.


photos by Chantal Pasag



We Are……Town and Fields

Boy has it been awhile since we’ve revisited our “We Are” series. Well, we’re excited to kick it back off with the ever-so-talented artist collective and local San Diegans, Town and Fields. The creative group is comprised of Phillip, Chelsea and Steve. Together, they form a team that is eager to bring good design and community together – so of course, we loved them!

Town & Fields

From right to left: Steve, Chelsea and Phillip

Where did the name Town and Fields come from?

Steve: “The name Town & Fields was derived from the idea of supporting our creative community. That community is in a sense is made up of individuals or groups of ppl that believe and share similar passions.  I get stoked when I meet other creatives and to hear how they’ve developed and continue to grow in what their passionate about. Town & Fields supports those who explore their passions in the “fields” to develop their skill/craft and in turn come back to pour into a community, a “town”. On a grand scheme of things, San Diego is our “town”, we love the approach of creating an environment that is all about bringing our community together. We hope to be an extended arm to help others network and build the creative culture in San Diego.”

Town & Field-8Town & Field-11Town & Field-13Town & Field-7

Someone’s been shopping at Pigment // Odd Daughter Co. post card and Bradley Mountain Journal 

Town & Field-6

Precious Patrick – the Town and Fields side-kick

What inspired you to start creating a light fixture line?

Chelsea: “Going back to when we were first married, Philip and I both had this desire to create. I started playing around with any sort of craft I could come up with and he  started making steampunk lamps out of wooden boxes and trinkets. (Growing up, he learned the in’s and out’s of electrical work as his dad was an electrician.) One day he came up with the hardback book lamp, decided to list it in the shop, and that was that. We kept getting requests for more, so we kept the shop stocked with them.  During this journey, we both were refining our skills, discovering our sense of style, figuring out how to pay attention to trends, and getting involved in the community around us. Eventually, we decided to run the shop together. We wanted to not only carry more of a selection of light fixtures, but fixtures that we would want in our home. So really, it was a slow and natural thing that just happened. I always tell people that we started our business on accident. Neither one of us woke up one morning with the brilliant idea of starting a lighting shop, but we went with it and it’s been great. Add Steve into the mix a few years later and we’re seeing a similar pattern. We never had the idea of running a brand with someone else, but it came up one day and it just made sense, so we decided to go with it full force.”

Town & Field-5 Town & Field-3

 What draws you to San Diego’s North Park?

Philip: “I really like the creative and entrepreneurial energy that is apparent on the streets. It’s just as lively as the Gaslamp District, but in a more authentic and communal sort of way.”

Town & Field-20 Town & Field-12

 When you hear the word “community” what comes to mind?

Chelsea: “When I hear the word community, I picture people coming together. But not just for the sake of being in the same place, but to have meaning and purpose. I think that concept is intentional, yet still general so that it doesn’t put anything or anyone in a box, nor does it leave anyone out. We really want to that to be a big part of Town & Fields as we move forward. Because we know that without community, there wouldn’t be any point to what we are doing.”

Town & Field-1 Town & Field-22What do you see in the future for Town and Fields?

Steve: “I try not to get too ahead of myself when dreaming over Town & Fields, but honestly I see the same vision we’ve created here in San Diego getting to other cities and having multiple locations.”

Look for Town & Fields products at Pigment online and instore very soon! In the meantime, check them out here and support your local designers!


photos by Chantal Pasag

Just a Little Supper (Club)

A reason to gather with friends is enough for our photographer, Chantal, to throw an awesome dinner party.  Finding inspiration by the recent trend of magazines and blogs focusing on gourmet food makings, cocktail crafting, and the gathering of friends and community (which we love!) like Gather Journal and Kinfolk Magazine. As Kinfolk Magazine puts it, “focusing on those shared loves that bring us together: the enjoyment of food, friends, family and time spent in community whether around the table or out-of-doors.”

So Chantal, and her (very talented) roommate Tania White (check out her Food Economics blog, Sin Azucar, pretty good stuff!) who loves to cook, did just that: created a little supper club, aptly named for the location of the gatherings, The Gunn Street Supper Club.

The inaugural dinner was hosted at their modest home in North Park, and the table was filled with friends and familiar faces from the community – all of whom contributed one of their many talents to the occasion.

Gunn Street Supper ClubGunn Street Supper Club Gunn Street Supper Club Gunn Street Supper Club

Beautiful menu designed and printed by The Butcher PressGunn Street Supper Club Gunn Street Supper Club Gunn Street Supper Club Gunn Street Supper Club

Perfect wine pairings by Splash wine bar.

Gunn Street Supper ClubSagaform Oil & Vinegar Carafes, from Pigment. Shot in front of a delicious anti-pasta salad with fresh hand-made pasta by Lisko Deli.

Gunn Street Supper ClubThe Main Course was Grilled Rosemary Leg of Lamb with Jajik & seasonal vegetables. Inspired by the wonderful cookbook Plenty, available at Pigment (in store and online).

Gunn Street Supper ClubHomemade Limoncello Digestif with muddled blueberries.

GSSC_edit-3Ethiopian Yirgacheffe roasted by Caffe Calabria paired delectably with Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt.

Gunn Street Supper ClubThe “Ice Cream Social” – 1. Marscapone and Rosewater  2. Goat Cheese and Basil  3. Roasted Strawberry and Balsamic. Spread inspired by Kinfolk Magazine – Issue No. 7

Gunn Street Supper Club

Chef Tania (sporting the apron), and the Gunn Street Supper Club guests. 

Get inspired, take in the warm weather and craft a night with friends. Check out more about the crew on Facebook, The Gunn Street Supper Club!

Pigment is Growing (up)…

After five and a half years Pigment secured a new lease in a new home just two doors from the old space, and it is bittersweet to leave the place where it all started. Humble beginnings come to mind when thinking of the genesis of Pigment (then known as Kalos Designs). Initially a shared space with Kate Ross Shoes, it functioned primarily as a space to display Amy’s artwork. In time, they featured other talented artists, Ramone Zarate of Autonomous Design Studio and Britt Neubacher of Tend Living were among the firsts. Store music blared from a small boom box and a one year old puppy named Cash greeted you at the door.  A year later and a name change to Pigment, the modest storefront grew into a full fledged lifestyle store. After five years we found ourselves growing, growing, growing! So much so that we moved into a bigger space.

new space_Pigment

New space – demolition time.

grand opening

A blank canvas… build out_new space_Pigment


grand opening-39


New Home

New HomeNew Home   New Home-


New Home-52

Grand Opening

Prepping for our Grand Opening…

Grand Opening

Time to party! Artist and Pigment owner Amy Paul with her two daughters and their grandma in the Amigo Booth!

Grand Opening

Amigo Booth dude/owner and one of the awesome photographers of Studio Castillero, RICO!!

Grand OpeningTasty eats provided by MIHO Gastrotruck

Grand Opening- MIHO gastrotruck

Grand Opening

Grand Opening

Delicious cookies by Badunka Chunk! SOOO good!

grand opening

pretty plantings in prep of our celebration

grand opening

The Pigment Crew

 (most of) The Pigment Crew

We are so grateful to be in this new space…Thank you for celebrating this incredible milestone with us!

To our employees, who worked tirelessly and often to the brink to make this dream a reality, to all the local artist and cosigners who continue to entrust us with your beautiful designs and most of all to all of you who have supported us by shopping in our store… THANK YOU so much!