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Coffee with Tatum

We caught up with Tatum Lenahan, of LoveTatum, over coffee. Besides being a successful jewelry designer, she’s a stylish and fun lady who’s paving the way for other female entrepreneurs. We asked her a few questions about her line and what it’s like creating and designing natural works of art that people love to wear.

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

 What’s been going on with LoveTatum jewelry since we last met up?

“I’ve been involved with many new exciting collaborations with celebrity stylists, Beijos Events- an event planning company based in San Francisco, FINE Magazine, Locale Magazine, San Diego Magazine and now gearing up to go gemstone collecting for Summer!”

Do you have a favorite place to travel for work? or to get inspired?

“My international travels have always inspired my designs, especially Ireland and Barbados but there’s nothing like living in San Diego. I have the best beach and plant-life at my fingertips to draw inspiration from year round.”

Tatum of LoveTatum Jewelry

Necklaces by LoveTatum Jewelry

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing LoveTatum?

Jessica Alba & Nicole Warne

With all that’s going on with your line, how do you stay focused and centered during the craziness?

“It’s important to have balance in your life, even during the craziness. My release is photography, cooking, gardening and spending time with my little Frenchie, Dumpling. What keeps me centered and focused is surrounding myself with very supportive friends and family.”


What do you think people love about your jewelry in particular?

“I’m pretty obsessed with unique gemstones, and I think people love the same things I love about my jewelry… the beauty of natural gemstones that have meaning.”

The stones you use in your designs are so stunning and unique! How do you go about choosing just the right ones for your designs?

“I started as a rock collector when I was very young, so I’m automatically drawn to the rarity of each stone and look for unique shape, dimension, quality, clarity and origin.”


Painters Palette Ring - LoveTatum Jewelry

Everyone is finding out about LoveTatum! How do you feel about making your mark in jewelry design?

“I feel truly blessed. If I ever took this for granted, I feel like this would all disappear, so I reflect constantly and I’m grateful for all of my new & loyal supporters. Thank you!”

Where do you see things going for LoveTatum in the not too distant future?

“LoveTatum continues to grow locally and expand into a home accessorizing brand.”

Love Tatum Jewelry

Love Tatum Jewelry

If you love what you see, swing past our shop this Saturday for the LoveTatum Trunk Show. We’ll be around 10-7, see you there!


Thank you for chatting with us Tatum!

Photos by Chantal Pasag




Getting Crafty for the Holidays | Airplant Wreath

The holidays are in full swing, and we are getting crafty with ways to decorate your home for the holidays. As some of you may know, our shop is well known for the varieties of succulents and airplants we carry. This year we decided to take a bit of an unconventional approach to dressing a your holiday wreath…..with airplants!

Here’s what you’ll need:


1. A basic wreath purchased at your local craft store or nursery – we used a grapevine wreath.

2. A selection of airplants, you can find at a selection of airplants at Pigment year round.

3. Any accent items – in this case we chose a stag horn and a pretty lil’ twig we found during a morning walk.

4. Reindeer moss – for a pop of color and texture, also available at Pigment.

The best part about this craft project is that it requires little-to-no tools, making it is pretty mess-free. We just tucked the butts of the airplants into the wreath and using twine tied the accents to the body of the wreath.

Our in-house planter wizard, Shelby, started out by placing her accent piece.


Then she worked around that to and put the airplants in place.






Since we didn’t need to use glue to keep anything in place, there was a lot flexibility in arranging the airplants, a super PLUS when doing this for your first time.  So you can create any kind of look you like; very ornate or keep things nice and light.


…..a bit of moss for a pop of color and texture.



And voila! You have an a holiday wreath that is unique, easy to care for and can last beyond the Holiday Season. Airplants and reindeer moss can be watered directly while attached to the wreath; just run the airplants under the water facet to moisten once a week. The reindeer moss needs even less water to keep its texture soft and fluffy; you can water the moss while watering the airplants every other week or so. Let dry before replacing on the wall or door.


Feeling inspired?  Join us at our Tillandsia Trunk Show on Saturday, December 14th and or hop onto our mailing list to get all the details and to keep up with future events.

Happy Holidays – Pigment

Getting Crafty for the Holidays

We were so excited to host a book-binding workshop put on by local creatives Urban Craft Camp, which is headed by some pretty talented ladies: Ana of We Love Citrus and Jenn of My Three Sons. They’ve joined forces to put together creative workshops  and events to inspire the maker in all of us.  And with the Holidays in the air, it is the perfect time to get crafty for holiday-gift-giving.

Here is a list of basic materials you’ll need to get started on book binding:

  • healing mat
  • glue
  • scissors
  • hole punch
  • a straight-edge or ruler
  • bone folder
  • book binding needle and thread
  • paper

Book Binding-3

Book Binding-5

There are a number of ways to get crafty with book binding. Pinterest has some pretty helpful tutorials to get you started.

Book Binding-31

Book Binding-43

Book Binding-42

If you’re looking for some pretty paper to use as a cover, we love the colors and prints of Rifle Paper’s wrapping & decorative paper.

Rifle Paper Wrap

Book Binding-60

Book Binding-59

Book Binding-58

 Go get your craft on and start creating for the holidays and the new year!
And if you’re ever in San Diego, keep an eye out for more upcoming crafty workshops with Urban Craft Camp.

Book Binding















Nothing but Love for LoveTatum

What can we say about our girl Tatum? She is extremely talented, super friendly and creates some of the most beautiful jewelry that we are so excited to carry in store and now online.

LoveTatum at Pigment

LoveTatum at PigmentWe were curious about LoveTatum, so set out to get to know a little more about her and how she’s become such a successful jewelry designer.



What brought you out here to San Diego?

“Most people are in shock when they find out I have a culinary background. In a nut shell… I graduated from a four-year program at Johnson & Wales University with an Associate’s degree in Culinary Arts & a Bachelor’s in Food Service Management. If you know me you know that once I set my mind to something I do it! With that said, a year prior to graduating I came to visit University of San Diego with my little brother. I told him that even if he didn’t end up going here for college that once I graduated I would move here and I did. Two weeks after graduation I moved all of my belongings from the east coast to San Diego with no job, no friends and no familiarities. Once I was here I took a job as the Executive Chef for a Kosher Catering company & Event Chef at a local high-end catering company and have called San Diego home for the past seven years.”
LoveTatum at Pigment loveTatum-7
Tell us about your sources and materials you use to make your pieces.
“When I began jewelry designing I was 10 years old with humble supplies of glass beads, stretchy string & whatever I could pick apart from my vintage finds from antique stores.
As each year passed my taste level changed and I began to incorporate sterling silver and expensive briolettes from all over the world –this went on for about 10 years until the requests to design with gold became overbearing and I finally gave in! Little did I know that the demand of gold jewelry would take over the fashion accessory world.Currently our LoveTatum Collection is now made up of 98% gold & 2% silver accessories.Our best sellers are our 24kt electro-formed gold items. The difference between forming as opposed to plating is that is has 3x’s more gold in each piece and therefore lasts longer. The combination of our quality metal + a show-stopping gemstone + the love I have for each piece can not be compared to any other jewelry designer out there.”
LoveTatumThese beauties are made from preserved pieces of nature, transformed into a beautiful necklace charms and are available online!
LoveTatum + Mario LopezWhat!! Tatum got to hang with Slater??!!
From the looks of your site, LoveTatum has gained quite a bit of press, how did that come about for you?
“It has come from viewing every moment as an opportunity. I started doing trunk shows and events and from there continued to network and meet amazing people. The press I’ve received have come from good word of mouth & client referrals.”
LoveTatumA very colorful and sweet LoveTatum booth display
Any advice to young women out there aspiring to start their own endeavors/business?
“a. Make sure you are doing what you love!
b. The doors that you are meant to walk through will open and the doors that you are not will close
c. Set your standards high~ dream, believe in yourself, achieve
d. Balance your life”
We LoveTatum. We are inspired. We hope you are too!  XO – Pigment