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Spring Dreaming…

While it might not be snowing or negative degrees out here, it has been a bit more brisk in San Diego than we are use to. As we layer up for this unusual weather,  we are already dreaming of spring time – where flowers go into full bloom, gardens are being planted, and we begin to take our meals out onto our patios, to bask in the warmth of the sun.

one of our favorites! – The Fermob Bistro table and chair set in Verbena Green.

..yes, that is the beautiful Falcon Enamelware Prep Set that we adore.

a closer look – beautiful hand-crafted from olive wood kitchen utensils and salt keeper by Berard France and  Falcon Enamelware Tumblers.

Our little friend, Tex, helping direct our Spring inspired mini-shoot.

Get inspired by the story of the cultivation of fruits and vegetables in Heirloom Fruits & Vegetables and then start planting and growing your own garden.

Spring time = spring cleaning with Caldrea (Ginger Pomelo) dish soap and countertop spray

Yea for seasons, but Spring…..can you come already? Love, Pigment. (sigh)


Hi there! It’s been a while since our last post with the holidays in full swing. The whole team has been busy, busy, busy. But we did get a chance to swing by our local nursery to scoop up some beautiful succulents. Check out these new lovelies we picked up:

A Green House, Part 2…

Remember when we went out to a few local greenhouses to purchase lush tropical plants for the shop? Well, here is part two of that visit. This time cacti and succulents are in the spotlight. We headed up north to Vista to visit Western Cactus Enterprises, a sprawling wholesale nursery that’s home to some seriously gorgeous specimens. We loved these prickly guys and their sculptural shape.

Choosing the ones we wanted out of all of these was seriously tough.

A sea of cacti

Cacti are not just prickly specimens; they can be colorful and pretty when in bloom.

These cacti are best admired from afar. They are dangerous!

They had a ton of mature cacti growing on a hill that were such a beautiful sight. If only they were blooming!

Cacti and succulents are such easy plants to grow and take care of, and there are what seems like endless varieties. We always have a large variety in stock, so stop by our store and start growing your collection.

A Green House…

One of the things that makes our shop unique is our hand selected collection of flora that lives alongside all our other merchandise. The greenery adds such a lush and beautiful element to our store that makes it feel like an urban oasis. Earlier this week, Pigment co-owner Chad Anglin and store manager Carissa Casares headed to a few local greenhouses to refill our stock.

Here’s a peak at the beautiful tropical plants they saw.

A foliage-covered pathway at Valley View Nursey. These hanging plants were a sight to behold, also at Valley View Nursery.

Rows and rows (and more rows!) of Pothos plants growing at West Coast Nursery.Plant overload! They bought a ton of tiny sansevieria for the shop. A furry friend roamed the nursery.

Our plants will soon be available on our online shop. In the meantime, if you are in or near North Park, stop by and check them out! We love helping our customers find the perfect plant to spruce up their living space. Even if you don’t think you have a green thumb, give it a try!