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Tipis (or teepees?)!!!

Hi friends. How’s it going? As we go about our work week (Mondays…..), we can’t help but share that we’re currently daydreaming about tipis or teepees, whichever you prefer, in all they’re conical beauty. Design in its simplest form.

Tallsalt PhotographySource: Tallsalt Photography

Photo By WilltronicsSource: Pinterest – photo by Willtronics

Dave Pearson_FlickerSource: Pinterest -photo by Dave Pearson

Teepee by Skylar365Photo by Skylar365

Of course this was inspired by our adorable Cat Tipis. So cute!! All the cool cats on the block gotta have one.

Wren OccupiedWren Cat Tipi

Princess TipiPrincess Cat Tipi

So here’s to daydreaming and cozying up in your choice of abode outdoors this summer.

Love, Pigment.