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Because Dad’s are great…

In celebration of Father’s Day we rounded up some old photos of our dad’s from “back-in the-day.”

dad'sDay_AmyArtist and Pigment owner Amy Paul with her dad

ChadDad-1Pigment owner Chad – duck hunting with his pops.

ChadDad-2Pigment owner Chad with his girls…..doing DAD stuff


Cayla & Carissa (The Casares sisters) with PAPA Casares

Shelby Collins

Miss Shelby Collins and her pops

Frank and Chantal

Pigment photographer, Chantal, with her dad


(Little) Sara Eli hanging out with her dad


(Baby) Robyn with her poppa.

To all the dads out there in the world, thank you for putting band-aids on, teaching us to ride bikes, making us eat our vegetables and watching Saturday morning cartoons with us instead of sports!

Happy Father’s Day.

Moms Are Cool

That’s right, we over here at Pigment think Moms are way cool.

     Mother's Day with Pigment

source: Pinterest

Mother's Day with Pigment

source: Pinterest

Mother's Day with Pigment

Mother's Day with Pigment Mother's day with Pigment

Mother's Day with Pigment Mother's Day with PigmentLast 5 photos – Source: Amy Paul’s collection of Vintage photos

So don’t forget about your Mom, and do something special for her this weekend.

XOXO- Pigment

(p.s. check out our Online for gifts for mom)

The Traveler – Aloha from Kaua’i

Hi friends! Chantal here, Pigment’s photog. A week ago I got to take a little “R&R” on the beautiful island of Kaua’i. It’s an incredibly beautiful and lush island, as most would think of Hawaii. But this island is a little different. It isn’t an island topped with fancy resorts and glamorous shopping. Rather, it has a more small town feel. There are more fresh fruit stands than coffee shops. Wild chickens and roosters roam freely amongst the tourists (there are no pigeons or sea least that I saw). Wide green pastures with grazing goats and horses. Little kitties hang out at the beach with the locals, and the Napali Coast’s majestic stature lures you in and transports you into an entirely different world. Sigh… I’d like to be there right now as I type this.


Kauai-9324Kauai-9536Ke'e Beach_KauaiKe’e Beach, North Shore

Ke'e beach, Kauai

Ke'e Beack, KauaiKauaiKauai-9359KauaiKalalau Trail, KauaiNapali Coast

Hanakapiai Falls, KauaiWe trudged through the a rugged coast on the Kalalau trail, through Hanakapi’ai Valley on an unmaintained trail which lead us to this stunning waterfall. Totally strenuous. Totally worth it!

Hanakapiai Falls, KauaiHey! That’s me! Aaaaaalll the way over there waving at you!

KauaiKauaiBeautiful dry caves. That tiny spec in the distance is Jason, Pigment’s creative carpenter.

Smith Family Garden Luau, KauaiIt’s not a complete Hawaiian experience with out a luau.

Ahukini Pier, Lihue , Kauai Ahukini Pier, Lihue , Kauai

Ahukini Pier, Lihue , Kauai

Bittersweet moment. Don’t want to leave.


Mahalo Kaua’i! You were glorious.

xo – Chantal for Pigment

Southern California In Bloom

Oh boy, is it May already?! Well, you know what that means? April Showers = May Flowers. And right now Southern California succulents and cacti are in full-bloom (as are so many other things, including roses, but we’ll have to post about that another time)!  The blooms range so much in color, size and texture that each one is a work of art in itself. Pigment’s store manager, Carissa, took a moment to capture them at their finest.

Balboa Park Desert Garden

Balboa Park Desert GardenBalboa Park Desert GardenBalboa Park Desert Garden


All these lovely blooms reside at the Desert Garden in Balboa Park in San Diego, a 2.5 acre garden that contains more than 1,300 plants. If you’re ever in town, or live nearby, take an afternoon this weekend to stop by to see these beauties in person. The blooms don’t last long so hurry up and catch a glimpse before they turn in normal ol’ cacti and you have to wait a whole other year to see them in all their glory.

Happy weekend! – XO Pigment

The Desert Garden at Balboa Park
2525 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92101