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Fall (Feel) Goods

The Holiday Season is here and we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Whether you’re hosting guests for Thanksgiving dinner, stocking up your bar for holiday parties or looking for the perfect gift; these goodies are Feel Goods for Fall. Autumn Necessities

1. Bake a cake or whip up a holiday cocktail with Morris Kitchen Ginger Syrup.

2. ‘Tis the season for Hot Toddies! Use Morris Kitchen Preserved Lemon Syrup to make the classic Fall cocktails.

3. Falcon Enamelware mugs are a winter necessity for cold nights.

4. There is nothing like a delicious jam to eat with your toast and tea. We like Farm Belle Black Berry Jam. YUM!

5. Cozy up with a good read, next to the fire. Read Gather Journal for inspirations for this Holiday season.

6. Fall/Winter = Baking. Falcon Enamelware Bake Set has you covered.


To gatherings with the ones you love this season. Cozy up!

Mast Brothers Chocolate in Brooklyn

Pigment’s Online Store Manager, Jenny, took to the East Coast for a little business + pleasure. She visited one of our most favorite chocolatiers in the country – Mast Brothers in Brooklyn.

Mast Bros BK-2

Williamsburg in Brooklyn is a perfect spot for Mast Brothers Chocolates. Laid back, yet plenty of “cool” and style to go around, reflects perfectly what Mast Brothers is and makes! It was a smoldering hot end of summer day, but inside the Mast Brothers showroom and factory it was delightfully fresh and cool. Their showroom offers samples of all the chocolates (which range from around the world where the beans are directly sourced, thus the names of each flavor), their delectable hand-made desserts and a variety of cookbooks and literature.

Mast Bros BK-3

Mast Bros BK-19

Mast Bros BK-9

Mast Bros BK-11

 Stationery made from the leftover packaging (which is OMG gorgeous). Tasty and environmentally savvy!

Mast Bros BK-12

 Doing creative stuff with chocolate. 

The cocoa beans that make Mast Brothers chocolates, are harvested and dried locally in locations around the world. The brothers visit all of the farms where their beans are cultivated and cared for, making each farm and location a very special part of what the Mast Brothers are creating in their chocolate. The beans come to the Mast Bros dried out and are easily crushed into a powdery cocoa (as Arto shows below), which smells terrific and tastes rich with deep cocoa flavors. In tasting the actual source of the chocolaty goodness, that the amazing & unique flavors you get in each Mast Bro bar, really comes almost entirely from the bean itself, of course, with a little added love (and prob a ‘lil sugar).

Mast Bros BK-21

Mast Bros BK-15

The aftermath of hours of churning cocoa beans into chocolate. This batch almost in its final hour. 

After the churning process, the chocolates are stored as big bricks where the age gracefully. Then once matured and in need, the bricks are melted down and poured into molds to make the classic chocolate bar rectangle. Here is also where any additional ingredients are added (almonds down below).

Mast Bros BK-16

Then these babies are put in the fridge, popped out of their mold and then wrapped, which used to happen by hand (every single bar), but recently now a vintage machine gives the team a hand. Still, many people come together to make each batch of Mast Brothers chocolate.

Mast Bros BK-17

At Mast Bros, you really sense these guys are a family and love working together to take care of their chocolate babies. A lot of heart and effort goes into understanding and crafting something of real quality. If you haven’t had one of these artisanal delights, now’s your chance. | Find Mast Brother’s chocolate HERE online and in store at Pigment.

Find the golden ticket! ‘Til next time! – Jenny



Cheese & Beer

Cheese & Beer – now that’s something you don’t usually find paired together in a sentence or for your palate. Well, Janet Fletcher, author of the book Cheese & Beer is paving the way for a new type of tasting – craft beers paired with cheeses that complement them. Here is a sneak peak of one of the first guides ever to do such a pairing.

Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher Cheese & Beer by Janet Fletcher

San Diego has become well known for it’s craft beer scene, being home to over 50 local breweries – Blind Lady Ale House, Belching Beaver, Hillcrest Brewing Company, (soon to open in North Park) Hess Brewing, and Thorn Street Brewery, just to name a few that are our close neighbors or are in North Park. But there’s are many more, like one of our favorites, Stone Brewing Co. in Escondido – you can check out the full list here. We San Diegans are quite spoiled with excellent beers.

So, come join us at our new space (that’s right! We’ve moved – to the corner of 30th Street and North Park Way) on Thursday May 30th for a book signing with Janet Fletcher (author of Cheese & Beer) and of course for some tasty cheeses and beer (provided by Bottle Craft. Thank you!!!).  You can pick up a copy of the book in-store, or order one online here.

Hope to see you there. Otherwise, cheers to cheese and beer; something we here at Pigment love, and together? — even better!

Mast Brothers

This post is for chocolate lovers, design lovers, and lovers in general. If you celebrate Valentine’s day, these Mast Brothers Chocolate bars might be a lovely gift for anyone. Otherwise they are simply amazing, so we couldn’t help but share all the wonderfulness that is Mast Bros Chocolate…..are your ready? PS. These are brand new flavors!

Oh boy….. Black Truffle……….mmmm…

Vanilla & Smoke! Yes please!!!

Crown Maple, don’t mind if I do.

Chuao!  Coffee beans from a small remote village in Venezuela called, well, Chuao.

check out all of the flavors we carry here.

The Mast Brothers have dedicate time, creativity and passion into producing a unique, and tasty product. They are one of the only chocolate makers to actually produce here in the U.S. – Brooklyn, New York to be exact.

photo by The Selby

Hear their story here:

And some more here from Time Magazine:

we love chocolate. we love the Mast Brothers, and all that they are creating.