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Independence Days

Summer time is here and we can feel it in San Diego’s salty-beachy air. Scents of sunscreen and bonfires linger in the warm evenings. We think these pics and our summer mix tape gets the idea across.

fireworks indulgycom


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Happy Independence Day!!

A Trip to Lake Tahoe

A trip to get away. The “weekend getaway.” For those that live in Northern California, Lake Tahoe is one of them. Jenny, our Online Store Manager, happens to reside in San Francisco, so has every opportunity to take in the vast array of landscapes and varying weather that fluctuates throughout the Northern portion of California. Lake Tahoe is a little over a 3 hour drive from San Francisco and is really a “getaway” from the noise and constant commotion of the city. So let’s get away this weekend, wherever it may be. And let this little post by Jenny inspire you to plan a trip…….and get away.


South Lake Tahoe is the destination. In between Winter and Summer, Tahoe is pretty baren as it is the “dead season.” But this makes for great prices on rooms and activities, including skiing and snowboarding, if you get there early enough in the Spring Season, lake activities and plenty of hiking. But we went for some R&R, and to hopefully win some $$$ (money). Since Tahoe sits literally on the border of California and Nevada, another perk is across the road access to a row of casinos….take your pick.

Lake Tahoe Trees

Lake Tahoe Map

We stayed at Base Camp Hotel, which is a newly remodeled old motel turned into a modern, eco-friendly and reasonably priced hotel in South Lake Tahoe. They even had their very own bar!

Lake Tahoe Base Camp Bar

The hotel lobby was neatly decorated with accoutrements that made it feel like home….well, a really cool home. IMG_4100.JPG

IMG_4104.JPG IMG_4099.JPG

The Bed

Plus, Base Camp had tons of outdoor lounging areas with fire pits to roast marshmallows on those cold winter evenings (hot tub too!) that were ever so gracefully adorned with our very favorite Fermob Bistro Chairs.

IMG_4094.JPGSo after lounging around our very cool hotel and taking a dip in the jacuzzi, we were ready to hit the streets.

IMG_4097.JPG IMG_4092.JPGCasino floor – pretty floral patterns.


And, to our surprise, a great band on their way back from Coachella happen to be playing in town, Local NativesLocal Natives IN South Lake Tahoe

Here’s a little vid with their single “Wide Eyes” from their debut album.

They also do a pretty awesome cover of “Warning Signs” by the Talking Heads.

Then we rounded out the trip with actually going and seeing the Lake. This area is especially majestic, Emerald Bay. At the edge of the bay is a huge mansion, Vikingsholm, and on the island the once billionaire built a picnic area for him and his family to enjoy…..can you imagine?!!


And at Pigment, we like our wood. So when you see some good looking wood, you take a picture. IMG_4089.JPGAll in a day’s (day in a half or so) fun! So we ended with a little less R&R and more fun & fun, but get away we did!


Pops of Pink // Spring Vibes Are Here

Spring is here, and there are lovely pops of color all around us. Especially in our shop.

Pigment Pigment Pigment Pigment Pigment Pigment Pigment

Definitely feeling a Spring Vibe at our store. Feel it out through our “Spring Vibes” playlist here.

“Doo Uap” into Spring

Over here at Pigment, we’re tapping our toes to some “get up and go” jams and looking at pretty pictures of flowers. Can you tell we’re looking forward to Spring? Doo Uap into Spring with us.

A sweet little diddy, “Doo Uap” by Italian band Gabin

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(source: Studded Hearts, Pinterest)

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