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Because Dad’s are great…

In celebration of Father’s Day we rounded up some old photos of our dad’s from “back-in the-day.”

dad'sDay_AmyArtist and Pigment owner Amy Paul with her dad

ChadDad-1Pigment owner Chad – duck hunting with his pops.

ChadDad-2Pigment owner Chad with his girls…..doing DAD stuff


Cayla & Carissa (The Casares sisters) with PAPA Casares

Shelby Collins

Miss Shelby Collins and her pops

Frank and Chantal

Pigment photographer, Chantal, with her dad


(Little) Sara Eli hanging out with her dad


(Baby) Robyn with her poppa.

To all the dads out there in the world, thank you for putting band-aids on, teaching us to ride bikes, making us eat our vegetables and watching Saturday morning cartoons with us instead of sports!

Happy Father’s Day.

Happy Easter!

Tis’ season to celebrate many things, including the love for bunnies, flowers and peeps!

Happy Easter

Pack! Zip! Go!

It’s almost Friday! And that means that we are already thinking about what we want to get out and do this weekend – maybe get outta town! So we thought we’d share some great finds from our awesome vintage suitcase collection.

Vintage Samsonite Luggage

1. Samsonite Turquoise Overnighter
2. American Tourister Oliver Green Overnighter
3. Bronze Samsonite Overnighter
4. Samsonite Orange Travel Bag
5. Gray Hardshell Suitcase
6. White Samsonite Suitcase
7. Red Suitcase Set with Keys


I’ve always felt a connection to Jim Dine’s Ten Winter Tools, a series of lithographs from 1973. The combination of gesture and rendering make for romanticized images of ordinary tools and an aesthetic that I love.  I read somewhere that the series was a reference to home, to family, to his father. I too feel an emotional connection to the mundane and feel compelled to adopt many a tool in my vintage hunting.

This post is dedicated to scissors and the inklings of a new collection.

A few pics of Dine’s beautiful “Ten Winter Tools”, 1973.

the burgeoning collection

a pair of ‘a pair of scissors’

Well loved and in my favorite color way. 

Again, all things turquoise come home with me.  

Teeny tiny… for thread no doubt

These were a splurge.  I usually pass on the fancier, pricier pairs and stick to the utilitarian, but I had to have these.  Small, delicate and sharp like a weapon.  I love the contrast.