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We Are..OBR Architecture

These are our friends and neighbors, The Olivers. Aside from being an adorable family they are a staple people in our community. Garrick runs OBR Architecture (he being the “O” in “OBR”) which neighbors our pop-up shop on Ray street. Their designs can be seen all through out North Park and scattered around the rest of San Diego. And Jen is the Associate Director of Young Audiences of San Diego, a nonprofit arts education provider that works with over 200 schools in San Diego county.

Their daughter, Fiona, loves to read stories.

What’s your favorite thing about North Park?  “North Park is like taking a little slice of small town life and shoving it into the city.  I love the small, tight knit business and residential communities that I am a part of.”

What makes Pigment unique to you?
Garrik says – “Pigment is a microcosm of North Park.  Eclectic, community supporting, artistic, and on and on.”
Jen says
– “It’s the perfect spot for unique gifts for any occasion.  I am constantly running over there for last-minute gifts and have always been satisfied.

Where do you all like to go for a fun family outing?   “Fiona loves pretty much anywhere that has animals (including Pigment), and well, we pretty much go wherever she wants.”

The Oliver’s were shot on our lovely Adelaide Sofa by Gus – our staple set up for the past “We Are” posts. As we venture away from this lovely sofa, we leave you with a reminder that today is the last day of our President’s Day sale – 10% Off ALL Gus Modern Furniture.

We Love Gus Modern Furniture. And we love the Olivers and all that they’ve help create within our community.

“We Are (In) Love”

If you haven’t noticed, we’ve been exploring Pigment’s local community and friends in what we call our “We Are…” series. As we continue to highlight the love and support from our community, we wanted to share with you some of the love stories we found. So cute! – XOXO

Q: When did you meet and how long have you two been married? [We met in] 1982. We worked together at Loyla College University at the pastoral counseling program. And have been married for 23+ years.” –Jim & Ellen, winners!


Q: How did you two meet?  “[We} met in 2009 while I (Sonja) was bartending in Los Angeles and we started talking, [Scott] seemed like a nice guy and I was in the process of moving to San Diego and didn’t know anyone, so we exchanged numbers. The rest is history, haha!” – Sonja & Scott, 5 years


Q: What is your favorite meal to make together?  “Our favorite meal to make together is “KFT” aka Kentucky Fried Tofu: spicy cornmeal crusted tofu cubes, mashed potatoes, and tangy wilted greens. A little bit Country and a little bit Rock-n-Roll.” – Britt & Scott, 10 years

Q: Which local spot do you like to go to for a romantic night out?  “We seem to hit the same spots – for dinner we like to go to Charisma or Arriverderci in Hillcrest (San Diego) – both stellar Italian joints.  Otherwise we end up bar hopping around North Park – you can’t beat only having to walk a few blocks for a little nightlife.” – Katy & Jose, 7 years


Q: What is one of the most romantic things you have done for each other? “It is rare to have much down time so romance for us is usually a road trip. It is the perfect combination of time together, exploring new music and finding photo adventures while seeking out wonderful food [another passion].” – Mike & Tee, 14 years


 Q: How did you and Austin meet? “We both lived in Golden Hill (Pigment note: Love this little neighborhood in San Diego) and met late one night at a party in our neighborhood.  We spent the whole night and half the morning talking in a corner.” Austin & Tori, 8 years


We are thrilled over the love and support we’ve received about our “We Are…” series. It’s been really awesome and exciting to see the love come back our way. We plan to continue the “We Are…” series and hope it will take us on our own exciting adventures. Look out for future features on more rad people/places/artists near and around you. And if you know someone who LOVES us and wants or should be apart of our series….let us know, we’re listening.

…with love, Pigment.


We Are…Oh My Dog Photography

These are our friends Mike and Tee who own the ever-so-wonderful Oh My Dog Photography, located on Ray street – neighbors to our pop-up shop.

Not only are they incredibly talented (dog) photographers, they are just all around cool people. I mean they love dogs, dare we say more than we do (?!) Mike has a few music projects on the side (Mostly Sunny and Skavolutionary Orchestra) while Tee pursues other photography endeavors ( And they have been such a positive light to the neighborhood – Tee helps a great deal in leading North Park for the Arts who runs Ray at Night, a fun monthly art-walk on Ray street.

We bugged Tee with a few questions about our store and the neighborhood:

What is one of your favorite things about North Park? “North park is so diverse. I know it’s a cliché’ but it makes every part of living and working here a richer experience.”

What makes Pigment unique to you? “Walking into Pigment is like stepping foot into my favorite design magazine or blog. It’s is not just a feast for the eyes, but touching and smelling all of the wonderful items makes it a full sensory treat.”

Sweet little Gus posing for his portrait. Such a natural, having dog-photographer “parents”

Is there any one particular thing Pigment carries that you love?
“I love the *candles! How can one small thing change a whole room? They bring beautiful lighting, scents, just a better feel to where ever they are. They also make the perfect gift. Wait, Valentines Day is in 2 weeks so what I meant to say is that I LOVE the jewelry, [hint hint Mike].”

*The Voluspa candles have always been a best seller at Pigment, check them out here.

Yes, that is a picture of Gus on a vintage ring that Tee proudly wears.

Thank you Mike, Tee and Gus for the love and support!

We Are… Tend Living

This is Britt and Scott of Tend Living. Britt is the creative talent/green thumb behind all those fancy orbs you see hanging in our store front window, and some of those amazing planters through out the shop. Scott is her wingman, and staff photog for Tend. Together, they have been long time supporters and involved artists with Pigment.
(Check out an earlier blog post here, on how Britt got Tend started).
In the above photo, Britt is holding a beautiful Tillandsia Xerographica of her faves!

Britt and Scott have lived in North Park (San Diego) for the past 14 years – that’s pretty O.G. if you ask us.

What do you appreciate about North Park? “…we have watched our community exponentially blossom. This neighborhood has come a long way and still has so much potential as a thriving arts and culture enclave. We really appreciate being here and love participating in the co-creation of it all.”

What makes Pigment unique to you? “Pigment is unique because it is artist-owned and run by folks who really care about the community it serves, with dedicated attention to the work of local creatives. And they have the best shop dog ever, Cash! It has been a beautiful thing to see [owners] Amy and Chad’s vision come to life over the years; theirs is a rare labor of love that shows itself in every lovely, inspired nook.”

one of Britt’s beauts hanging in our store window. Feel inspired? You can create your own here, at our plant lab.

We love Tend Living. We love community. We love “love.”