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We Are…The Butcher Press

Happy Monday everyone! We are delighted to start this week off with another post of our “We Are…” series.

Say “hello” to our friends Katy, Jose, and their daughter Penelope. Together they make quite the (family) team behind The Butcher Press (<— click on that link to check out an earlier post on how Katy got The Butcher Press started).

Along side the fun portrait sesh, we asked Katy a few questions:
What makes Pigment unique to you? “Pigment is AWESOME. A shop run by a local artist family who love the city, and are fiercely committed to supporting other local artists is pretty impressive. Mix that together with some insanely cool taste in books and decor, rad furniture, lovely jewelry, the plant lab, and genuinely kind and friendly staff – and you have one of the true cornerstones of the neighborhood.”

What are some of your favorite items we carry? “Those little side tables that are log slabs on hair pin legs (who makes those?!), the coffee table with all the little pieces of wood and the sawhorse style legs in front of the couch,  the plethora of Charley Harper books, that line of enamel dishes…”

When Penelope is not being camera shy, what does she seem to be talking about most these days? “Her grandparents and cousins are always a topic of conversation.  She loves listing all the people she knows.”

The ever-so-talented and imaginative Katy is posing quite lovely on our Gus Modern Adelaide Sofa. If you love it, see it here… and just as a little reminder all Gus Modern Furniture is 15% off, with a donation to our local food banks. For more info check out this link. Give back, get back! It feels oh so good.

Also, check out The Butcher Press here! It’s fun stuff!

We Are….Sitting in a Tree Events

These are our lovely and talented friends Tori, Austin and their adorable baby girl Lucca.
We just love them; they’re stylish, creative, and all around nice people who have been super supportive to us since early on.

Tori is the creative talent behind Sitting in a Tree Events. She’s the one who decked out our five year anniversary party (if you click here you’ll catch a closer glance at her craftiness). And her hubby, DJ Austin Hendrix provided tunes that night as well.

We asked Tori:
What makes Pigment unique to you? “The well curated items it carries — it’s our go to when we need a gift for ANYONE because there is something right for everyone – [from] kids to cooks to designers”
What are some of your favorite items/brands we carry? “I’m kind of a sucker for the vintage stuff that sneaks it’s way in and is one of a kind. Otherwise I love the House of Harlow ‘sunnies’ and jewelry.”

and then there’s sweet little Lucca… sigh.
Which word does Lucca say the most these days? “[She’ll say] ‘Hi!’ to anyone who will listen, and ‘dog.’ She also kind of barks. ha!”

Tori, Austin and Lucca were nestled together on our Gus Modern Adelaide Sofa (speaking of Gus: ALL Gus Modern Furniture is still on sale until the end of the month! Check out details here). And that adorable owl Lucca was holding in the first family snapshot is part of the cute cuddly bunch of Hansa stuffed animals, above. Squish!!

We Are…Jim and Ellen

This is Jim and Ellen – they’re a staple in our neighborhood (North Park, San Diego), and more than likely some of the best people you will ever know – the kind of people you want to be when “you grow up.”

Jim and Ellen have been married for 23 years…sigh…
When we asked them where their favorite local spot to go for a romantic night out?, they answered: “Anywhere we go is romantic.”

What is your favorite thing at Pigment? “Amy Paul’s artwork.”  Amy is one of Pigment’s owners, and you can find an amazing collection of her work on display at Pigment at all times.
What makes Pigment unique to you? “The beautiful products and people.”

Jim and Ellen were photographed on our lovely Gus Adelaide Sofa, surrounded by an array of throw pillows you can find at Pigment. Thomas Paul’s Geo/Metric Cushions and roses multi pillow. As well as, Wolfum’s Olive Big Bear Pillow, (one of our faves!).

We Are…

Here at Pigment, we truly value the love and support from our community. And in keeping with our New Year’s resolution – spreading kindness, and giving back – we are starting a series called “We Are..” to  highlight some of our favorite people that help make Pigment so special.

Sonja B. started consigning jewelry at Pigment in 2011.
“I had been a customer and had met Carissa (Pigment’s store manager) and she liked the jewelry I had on and convinced me to bring some by.” You can check out some of her pieces here.

Her daughter Charlie (nicknamed from Charlotte) is the most adorable, spunky little 2 year old, who we love seeing at the store. “Charlie is a complete explosion of new words these days,” says Sonja. “She likes to say “have it”, count to ten, abc’s, but her favorite is to chant “mommy mommy mommy” “.

What makes Pigment unique to Sonja B.?
“I think Pigment is unique in that it has a small town feel of community in a bigger city. Everyone from the owners down [to the employees] are so friendly and warm and you can stop by any given day and people are hanging out and chatting. The inventory is very smart and well chosen and it’s always my go to shop to get the perfect gift.”

Sonja and her family were photographed sitting on one of our favorite Gus Modern pieces- the Adelaide Sofa.
Don’t forget about our participation with the “Keep on Giving Sale” where ALL Gus Modern Furniture is currently 15% off if you make a donation to our local food bank.